Have you read Reclaimed? If not – what are you waiting for?


It won’t take you long to realize Ray Cook means business as an author. In his memoir Reclaimed¬†he is brutally honest, upfront, funny, and does not waste your time sugar coating his life experiences.

Reclaimed takes you behind the scenes of Ray’s life and his struggles of growing up in Idaho, as a young gay man, and a member of the Mormon Church. From his teenage years on the high school tumbling team and dancing in gay bars for cash on Bourbon Street to picking up one night stands and being excommunicated from his church – you will feel his pain and root for him every chance you get. There were many times I had to reread something to clarify what I had just read because I was shocked. I won’t give away too much but you will know what I mean when you read about the guy from “Yugoslavia” in Aachen. It’s hard to find writers willing to put themselves out there but Ray does not hold back from the truth and you will quickly figure that out.

I connected with him on a personal level while I feverishly turned every page hungry for the next. I finished this book in one sitting and instantly wanted more. It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, bisexual, religious, an atheist, or just confused about life – you will relate to his determination to be himself.

His bravery is something that all teens, young adults, and full grown men and women can learn from.

Ray Cook is a fellow flight attendant and writer. You can follow him on Twitter @rclmd and on his Facebook page Reclaimed. Be sure to download and read his book – Reclaimed.