Fight Club: Air Nippon Airways Edition

Photo by The Japan Times.

When will all the crazy airline madness end?

Probably never.

On an earlier flight today — Air Nippon Airways (ANA) flight, NH6 from Narita, Japan bound for Los Angeles, California, — the passengers and flight crew were witness to a live action fight club prior to departure.

According to Fox News Travel, two men started fighting prior to departure. Other passengers had to get out of the way from the flying fists. Passenger Corey Hour was able to capture the fight on his cell phone camera to share with Twitter.

The first thing I noticed when I watched the video was the flight attendant. Sure, it’s hard not questioning why two grown ass men are swinging at each on an airplane filled with other people, but in this day and age — people only care about themselves. Was blue shirt guy kicking red shirt guy’s seat? Did blue shirt guy have one of them doodads that prevents the seat from reclining back? Did red shirt guy look at him sharply? Was alcohol involved? The reasons for an on board altercation are endless. 

You should see how angry I get when provisioning doesn’t fill up my ice bin.

Oy vey! 

But as usual, it looks like alcohol was the cause for this inappropriate behavior on ANA. Japan Today states that the American passenger was intoxicated (I am SO shocked) and after being asked to leave the airplane, he struck a female passenger, got into a fight with blue shirt guy, and — it gets even worse — tried choking a male ANA employee once he was off the airplane.

He’s a 44 year old man. That’s how old I am… and I don’t even like getting up to use the lavatory when the seat belt sign is illuminated. 

I’ve watched the video a few times — to make sure I had a clue about what I was talking about as I wrote this article, I’m sure I still don’t — and I am extremely impressed with the flight attendant. She gave zero fucks. None. No fucks given at ANA today by that flight attendant. She stepped right up to diffuse the situation. She didn’t back down. She didn’t run to get a man. She didn’t shy away from being possibly fed a five knuckle sandwich. She got all up in that drama… she went from Hello Kitty to Hulk in 3 seconds. 

That’s incredible. 

I don’t know what kind of training they put their flight attendants through in Asia, but it must be damn good. Remember on July 6, 2013, when Asiana Airlines flight 214 crashed on approach at San Francisco International Airport, those flight attendants were dragging and carrying people out of a destroyed airplane.

Remarkable. Professional. Fabulous.

For all you people who still think we are just a bunch of waitresses in the sky, think again. We do way more than just handing you another Diet Coke.