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National Coming Out Day 2017… Flight Attendant Joe’s Story

It’s National Coming Out Day. I just learned that it was founded in the United States in 1988. That’s interesting because that’s actually the year I came out, but I had no idea it was actually a “thing” to come out.
Here’s my story…


A Tribute to Ali Strickland!

This was taken in February 2014 in Boston. Ali always made you smile. Always.

When I am in pain or sad, I find writing my feelings out to be as cathartic as downing a few bottles of wine. To be honest, I usually do that too.

Earlier this week, I heard the news that my friend and coworker, Ali Strickland, passed away. It was quite shocking and came out of nowhere. After reading the posts on Facebook, and confirming with a friend that she was no longer with us, I sat on my bed staring at the wall asking the questions I expect everyone asks when someone they care about dies… What? How? When? What? How is that possible? 

Then… Why do all the good ones die so soon?