Drama: Southwest Airlines Pilot Arrested at STL with loaded gun in carry on bag.

I know for a fact (or maybe I just made this up) that there are probably flight attendants out there who are afraid to bring their vibrators to work on a four day trip for fear of them falling out of their bag in the TSA line.

Not this pilot… he brought a loaded weapon.

According to ABC News, a Southwest Airlines first officer was arrested on Wednesday morning at St. Louis Lambert International Airport (Why such a long name, STL?) for attempting to go through security with a loaded Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm gun.

I looked up the gun… here’s a picture:

Hot gun, but doesn’t belong in your carry on bag, especially if you are not authorized to carry a gun. As per reports, the first officer was NOT authorized to carry a gun.

Yes, there are some pilots who are authorized to carry a gun through the airport, but that’s all I will say about that matter. Oh, I’ll add this — there are many restrictions and guidelines that I can not share with you regarding pilots and guns — so don’t even ask.

TSA Spokesperson, Mark Howell, stated the gun was loaded with seven rounds. That’s just plan stupid. There might be people who say, “Maybe he forgot to take it out of his bag?” And, “I’m sure there is a good explanation of why he had it in his bag.”

The explanation is simple… he left his brain at home (or there’s a darker motive, which I don’t want to think about). Who puts a loaded weapon in their airline carry on bag? I barely want to put a bottle of lube in my bag, who puts a loaded gun in their bag? No excuse for that.

Before I head to work, I go through my entire crew bag before I leave the house. There’s nothing in there that shouldn’t be, but I still check. Call it OCD, but that’s what everyone should do before they head to the airport and go through the TSA line.

Lesson is… think before you leave the house with your airline issued carry on bag.


Here’s some interesting data, according to the TSA, this is the 46th firearm found in by TSA employees at STL in 2017. Up from 31 firearms from 2016.

What’s going on there, St. Louis? Seems like an idiotic thing to do, bring a gun through security? And here I thought it was bad trying to smuggle a full bottle of Oola Whiskey past the TSA.

My biggest question and concern is… how many guns are they NOT finding?


*Information for this post was obtained from the ABC News article linked in this post. Flight Attendant Joe was not in STL at this time. More importantly, this post was written to bring awareness that EVERYONE should check their bags before they head to the airport. We’ve learned that not only do some airplane passengers (MOST… MOST airline passengers) leave their brains at home when they travel to the airport… so do the Crew!