Man Sexually Assaults Woman on Spirit Flight


I recently wrote a post about a United passenger who smeared his shit all over the airplane. I joked, “He had already spread his shit all over the place, what’s left — fingerbanging a flight attendant and trying to break into the flight deck?

I had no clue that last week, on a Spirit Airlines flight, a male passenger actually attempted that exact thing. Not with a flight attendant but a female passenger.

Yes, he attempted the old  — fingerbang while the person next to me is sleeping — game.  

According to the Detroit Free Press, an airline passenger, Prabhu Ramamoorthy, was on a Spirit flight from Las Vegas to Detroit when the incident occurred.

The female victim was asleep and awoke to her pants and shirt unbuttoned and — wait for it — Prabhu shoving his fingers inside her genitals. Once he realized she was awake, he pulled them out and stopped.

Can you imagine waking up on an airplane to find some stranger fingering your vagina? I don’t even HAVE a vagina, and it makes my genitals want to call 911.

Needless to say, the female passenger was highly upset. I’d have beaten the shit out of him with my carry on bag. Instead of violence, the female passenger reported the incident to the flight attendants and Prabhu was arrested when the airplane landed in Detroit. 

He spoke with the FBI and stated that he “might have” done those things while the woman slept on the flight. I don’t know about you, but I think that if I was raping the person sitting next to me, I’d know I did it. Prabhu also stated that he was in a deep sleep and the woman fell asleep on his knees and he doesn’t know where his hands were at the time of the assault.

That sounds like a poor defense, but what do I know, I recently slept through a 4.5 earthquake. 

Mr. Ramamoorthy is not a citizen of the United States and is interested in having his home country (India) notified to help him with legal representation and to notify his family of his disgusting and vile behavior while traveling abroad. 

Who the fuck tries to finger a sleeping female passenger on an airplane?

A sick and twisted human, that’s who.

Although uncommon, this behavior has been known to happen.  In June 2012, a 19-year-old woman was sexually assaulted on a Delta flight from Detroit to Amsterdam when a male passenger, Janarol Dickens, put his hands down her underwear and placed her hand on his crotch. In October 2013, an off-duty Delta Connections pilot, Michael Pascal, was accused of fondling a 14-year-old unaccompanied minor on a flight from Detroit to Salt Lake City. His argument, like Prabhu, was that any touching or fondling occurred while he was asleep. 

I call that a cup of coffee with a big side of BULLSHIT!

On a few occasions, I’ve had female passengers — who are seated between two men — ask to be moved to another seat. They seem nervous from the idea of being sandwiched between two men for the duration of the flight.

Some might find being squeezed between two men to be erotic, but not on an airplane. I always do my best to move a female passenger to a seat where they feel comfortable and will have a pleasant flight.