National Coming Out Day 2017… Flight Attendant Joe’s Story

It’s National Coming Out Day. I just learned that it was founded in the United States in 1988. That’s interesting because that’s actually the year I came out, but I had no idea it was actually a “thing” to come out.
Here’s my story…


In Loving Memory of My Beloved Grandmother. 01/3/23 – 04/05/95

Recovering from knee surgery at my grandparent’s house. That’s my grandmother, Lorette, holding me up. She always held me up. My grandfather is watching sports from his chair. Circa 1986.

A good family member is hard to find. But I had one once, it was my grandmother, and today marks the 21st year anniversary of her death.

Note to reader: This is a personal post regarding my childhood and has nothing to do with flight attendant comedy.


Flight Attendant Stories: Understanding Someone’s Pain


After we taxied to the gate in Salt Lake City, I was excited my work day was ending. My mind was filled with plans for my layover; hiking the trails along City Creek, taking in the snow and fresh mountain air, and finally shopping for dinner at Harmons Grocery. I really love that grocery store.

While sitting on my jumpseat I looked over towards the passenger seated in 1D. She was traveling with her two children and crying hysterically. Uncontrollably. Her entire body shook while she cradled her face in one of her hands. My first thought was she was afraid of flying and scared from our landing. I found that to be odd because it wasn’t a frightening landing. I mean – it didn’t feel like skating along freshly smoothed ice – but it also wasn’t like bouncing over speed bumps down a residential street. 


Are You There Universe? It’s Me, Flight Attendant Joe. Entry: July 20, 2015


July 20

Dear Universe,

Haven’t written for an entire week. I feel guilty. I love writing in here but I just haven’t felt like it. I made a promise to write everyday and I was doing well and then halfway through the year I’ve failed. So much has happened in the past week. 


Happy Mother’s Day – 2015

Untitled drawing (7)

Cabin On The Oregon Coast | My Personal Journal! Part 2

Walking up to the cabin on a cloudy morning start.

And the story continues…


A Google Christmas!

A “spray paint” computerized board for artists – and not so good artists – to display their talents.

The airline industry is a harsh environment. With rising fuel prices and competition from every corner of the globe it’s a surprise that some airlines stay in business – without having to merge with another airline.

If you work for the airlines hopefully you understand that money doesn’t come pouring out of the engines. It also doesn’t grow out of the artificial trees at the airport gates. Airlines struggle and make do which means that as an employee we don’t really get showered with gifts. During the holidays we work, get fed a nice holiday meal, and if we are lucky – get paid double time to work on select holidays.


41 Things I Am Thankful For.



While walking to the library the other day I started thinking about things I am thankful for. Items and quotes were flooding my brain and I could barely get them all down. I had to stop every few moments and tap the information into my phone so that I wouldn’t forget what I was conjuring up in my mind. You know – there is a lot that happens in my head and most of it never even makes it down on paper.


Oh yeah – This is that story about the time I pissed the bed.


I sat in my Seattle hotel room, tossing and turning for hours, wondering if I’d be able to stay awake for my five hour red eye back to Boston.


Meandering through San Francisco


I meandered around San Francisco yesterday awaiting the arrival of my new passport.

It never fails. When I spend anytime in SFO (I like using airport codes for cities – it’s a flight attendant thing) I immediately feel like I’m on an overnight layover.

It’s still weird for me to think I live in Northern California.


Guess Who’s Coming To Town? 5 Things To Know Before Your In-Laws Come To Visit!

Make that MANY beers!!!

For some people, it’s like a bad dream. You try to wake yourself up but no matter what you do you can’t. You quickly realize that this isn’t a dream, it’s a nightmare, and the last thing you hear before opening your eyes is your spouse uttering the words, “My parents are coming for a visit.”


Thank Google It’s Friday!

I think my mother-in-law is getting too comfortable at Google. It’s time for Sharon to stop stepping on my Google toes.

There you are, I can actually see you, sitting at your L-shaped cubicle desk, staring at your computer screen wishing, hoping, that you could spent 8+ hours per day anywhere else  other than at the company you work for.


Why I Love To Travel!

I have always had the desire to travel and experience as much as possible.

My adventures have stretched from staying awake all night in Las Vegas, walking from Buffalo to Canada to have lunch at McDonald (they don’t have hot mustard in Canada) and one of my favorites – flying to NYC to buy peanut butter at The Peanut Butter Company.


Last Night on Chesterton Avenue

I’ve been so busy this week I’ve barely had time to realize that tonight is the last night I will ever spend in this house again.


The Brat Agenda

Why have children become so fucking annoying in public?