Four Pieces of Advice You Should Never Take From Your Captain


Most pilots are self-proclaimed experts on EVERYTHING. I recently had a conversation with a captain about some renovations I did to my house – which included a complete remodel of a master bath and kitchen.


Understanding Pilot Personalities

What an honor it is to guest write a post for the Flight Attendant Joe blog. For the record, I’m a pilot at a major airline. I can’t tell you which one, so don’t ask. 

Anyone in the airline industry who’s been flying long enough knows the answer to the question, “What separates the sluts from the assholes?”


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Tips For Quick & Healthy Travel Friendly Snacks

While perusing Instagram last week I ran across a fellow flight attendant’s account with a picture suggesting tips on what kind of quick and healthy snacks airplane passengers should pack with them when the travel. I quickly emailed Rachel and invited her to be the first guest blogger on The Joe Show. I have known Rachel for years and if there is anyone who can suggest great snacks that will travel well – it’s Rachel.