Flight Attendant Joe Stories: Traveling With A Lap Child

I did NOT take this picture. I am not that old. I am not even old enough to be that kid. Photo provided by SAS Scandinavian Airlines

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post for the blog. I am truly sorry.

Let me clarify, that apology is not directed towards readers. It’s an apology to myself for not posting more on the blog and for not sticking to a promise I made when the calendar struck 2017. It was a simple promise, a promise where I said I’d post at least once a week on the blog. 


The Layover List: Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix is so damn HOT the citizens of Mercury wouldn’t even visit. You know your city is too fucking hot when aliens from another planet won’t invade for fear of landing in Arizona. In the summer, the temperature easily reaches 95 degrees before 10 a.m. Be sure to bring plenty of water with you when you venture out. Seriously, you can never have enough water. You’ll drink more water on a one mile walk in Phoenix than in any other city in the United States (well… except for Las Vegas. Actually, in Las Vegas you’ll be drinking vodka). As long as you have water and walk in the shade you might actually survive the blazing temperatures. And I mean blazing!


30 Airline Passenger New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Travel Experience.

30 resolutions

Happy New Year! Another year gone. Crazy, right? I feel the same way.

Alright, let’s get right down to business.


What Do Airlines Give Coach Passengers for FREE?

First World Problems Girl1

It’s my job to interact with airline passengers on a daily basis. The good. The bad. The really ugly. A recurring theme lately has been the disgusting attitude thrown at me after explaining that my airline charges a small fee for pillows, blankets, and earbuds. The snide remarks; the rolling of the eyes; the sounds that should only come from a toddler when it’s bed time – it’s beyond annoying. 

So stop it!

I understand it may frustrate you – but really STOP IT! These attitudes are unwarranted. Do you really want a nasty snot crusted pillow that was taken from one passenger and handed to you? Thank about it. 

I usually shake it off and just imagine these passengers haven’t stepped on an airplane since the 90’s, and have no clue what they are doing, but it made me curious about what other airlines are giving away for free to their coach passengers. If this lady is spitting venom at me because I need to charge her for a pillow – she must be getting it free from someone. Right? 

I did some investigating** to put it into perspective. See where your favorite airline falls in this list of what airlines give out free to their coach airline passengers. 




New Destinations/New Service 2015: Virgin America, JetBlue, Alaska, Southwest, Spirit, Delta, and United!

Untitled drawing (12)

Check out these fantastic newly announced destinations for the second half of 2015!

Where will you be going?



Top 5 of 2014

21 Tips for Dads Traveling Alone With Their Kids

Photo provided by Sara W.

It’s the holidays and your ex has packed your kid’s bag and happily dropped them off on your front door step for the next two weeks. You’re on your own and your first stop is the airport for a flight to visit family. Just you and your kid; no baby mama. no grandparents, and if you are in Westchester County, no nanny.


11 Tips For Dealing With Holiday Travelers


The end-of-year holiday season is rapidly approaching. It’s true. If you don’t believe me, just visit your local Target. But early Christmas and Hanukkah decorations are nothing to fear compared to preparing for the travel season. Soon the airports will fill up with travelers who know absolutely nothing about traveling on an airplane. I call them Once A Yearers.

What’s a Once A Yearer?

Those travelers who fly once a year to visit family and friends for the holidays. We know they have no place being in our busy airports, jam packed airplanes, and taking up space in the TSA line but there they are and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It’s enough to make the most savvy business traveler buy a ticket on a train, bus, drive a rental car, or even walk. You are not alone; flight attendants dislike them as much as you and would do anything to be able to jump on their uniform wings and fly to a tropical island for their own luau.


9 Tips For Your Unaccompanied Minor


Did you know that certain school-aged children can travel on an airplane without their guardian or adult companion? They are called unaccompanied minors (UM) and although they are technically flying “alone” they are still the responsibility of the flight attendant once the main aircraft door is closed.


9 Tips On How To Dress For Your Next Flight


Do you remember the days when airline passengers dressed up to jet off to fabulous destinations?

Neither do I.

Unfortunately, the era of fancy dresses, three piece suits, and elaborate hats onboard airplanes have been replaced with sweatpants, tank tops, and gym attire. Now, I understand that the airplane aisle is not a runway but it is also not a fashion show for the clothing department at Kmart.


Why Airline Passengers SHOULD Tip Their Flight Attendants

cash tip

Good Morning America recently published an article on Yahoo News advising passengers on commercial airlines to forgo tipping their flight attendant and instead write in a letter to the airline to thank the flight attendant for excellent service.


13 Things To Know About Your Carry On

carry on

The carry on items that passengers attempt to bring on airplanes has gotten out of control and almost unmanageable. From king size bedspreads to televisions and ice coolers to boxes of dishes – flight attendants see everything try to make its way into the overhead bins.


14 Important Tips For Buddy Pass Travel

buddy pass (1)

Have you ever been offered a buddy pass from an airline friend and instantly felt like Ed McMahon just knocked on your front door with a million dollar check?

As exciting as the idea of being issued a buddy pass, or flying “free,” is there are many specifics that people do not take into consideration when they are issued a buddy pass or flying standby.


An Unplanned Stroll through Providence, Rhode Island


I was born and raised in Hartford but never had the opportunity to visit Providence. As a teen, my only visits to Rhode Island revolved around skipping the last month of my sophmore year in high school and driving to Misquamicut Beach with my friends Matt and Wendy.

Those were fun times until Wendy and I were busted for having sunburns.  We lied to our parents until we were blue in the face. My lies were always the worse,  “But mom… the sun shines directly into my Spanish class right on my desk. It’s not my fault – blame Mrs. Sanchez for sitting me by the window.”


Will I Survive A Plane Crash?


Statistics show that you have a very good chance of surviving an airline disaster if the aircraft you are traveling on crashes. Well, that’s if your plane crashes on the runway, or in a field, If your plane slams into the side of a Colombian mountain or dives vertical into the Pacific Ocean at 500 mph – this post will not help you at all.