Airline Passenger School



Do you wish you were the perfect airline passenger? 

Want to know how to handle your carry on luggage? How to use the lavatory? Are you traveling with children? Need some assistance with ordering a cup of coffee? Do you wonder if you should tip your flight attendant after they have brought you five alcoholic drinks?

Would you like to gain some airline knowledge so that you don’t get nasty looks from your flight attendant?

If you answered YES to any of those question – then this Airline Passenger School is for you. 

To get started just click on one of the pictures below (or the text below the picture) to be taken to a comical/informative blog post. You’ll soon be the best airline passenger your flight attendant has ever met. 


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What Is That Little Bag In My Seatback Pocket?



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10 Things You Should Never Do On Your Flight

Dear Reader, 

These posts are written to be humorous and fun. Please don’t be offended if you happen to do one – or twenty – of the things noted in these blog posts. Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves and let me tell you – airline passengers are the best entertainment out there.



Flight Attendant Joe